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Premium Dress Shirts
That Fit You Perfectly

Get tailor fit, personalized dress shirts simply by taking 2 photos with your phone.

Launching soon on Kickstarter with 40% off for Early Birds.

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How it Works

A fast and easy way to get the best dress shirts

Step 1

STEP 1: Choose a shirt to order. Customize the fabrics, fit, length, buttons and thread if you want to!

Step 2

STEP 2: Use our app to take a front and side photo for accurate measurements. AI powered by MagicWeaver.

Final step

That’s it! You’ll receive a tailored and custom personalized dress shirt made perfectly for you.

Customize Your Shirt

Choose from a variety of our sustainable and natural fabrics and customize to your liking

Eucalyptus icon


Our signature performance fiber, the most sustainable in the world.

Bamboo icon


Ultra fast growing and renewable. Smooth silky shirts that hardly wrinkle.

Shirt parts

Flax icon


Super breathable and highly durable, great for the super hot days.

Cotton icon


Classic, comfortable and highly durable. 100% biodegradable.

Disrupting Fast Fashion & Reducing Waste

With our production and sales process, we’re disrupting fast fashion

Element Pure laser cutting clip

Every shirt we make goes to a happy home.

There are no unsold shirts that no one wants, taking up space in sad warehouses.

Super efficient precision manufacturing.

Your shirts are precision cut to your measurements with pinpoint accuracy. We fit as much cut pattern on a piece of fabric as possible to maximize its use.

What our Customers Say

Our Pedigree

We’ve launched and delivered multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns before.

We’re more prepared than ever to deliver another one now.

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Gear Exposure
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Launching soon on Kickstarter with 40% off for Early Birds

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