Pure Performance Clothes
that Respect Earth and Body

Step into the world of 21st century fabrics.

Pure and Simple Clothes that Respect Earth and Body

Step into the world of 21st century fabrics.

Made from Eucalyptus

Our fabric is engineered in Austria from fast growing and responsibly managed Eucalyptus wood.

Blissfully Soft

Extremely fine. Incredibly smooth. With fibers 375x thinner than silk, 500x thinner than cotton, and 1200x thinner than merino wool.

Never Feel Sweaty

Our clothes can remove over 20x more sweat away from your skin within 20 seconds versus similar weight cotton or polyester clothes. The millions of nanofiber channels within each fiber ensures ultra quick evaporation.

Cotton Shirt: 31 mL0%
Polyester Shirt: 28 mL0%
Element Pure Shirt: 627 mL0%

for Weeks

It’s practically impossible for odor causing bacteria to survive on our nanofiber fabric. No bacteria, no smell.

Naturally Bacteria Resistant

Our eucalyptus fabric is 99.5% antibacterial, resisting bacteria 132x better than Polyester and 2000x better than Nylon, keeping you fresh for weeks on end. Compare the bacteria growth in fabrics after 24 hours:

Healthy & Sustainable

No harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable under compost conditions. Our clothes use 20x less water than cotton, and generates 5x less CO2 than polyester during production.

What our Customers Say


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“There’s a magical miracle fabric out there that pretty much does everything merino wool does, and could probably be sold at half the price. It’s called Tencel, and nobody uses the damn thing. Argh!