Mens Ultrafine TENCEL® Boxer Briefs

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NEW FOR 2020.
Now with Quick Scoop fly & sweat-free Dry Divide pouch. Silky smooth TENCEL® eucalyptus nanofiber weaved into a high performance boxer brief. This incredibly odor resistant & Earth friendly boxer brief will fit your body like a second skin. Experience pure comfort.


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Size & Details
  • Model is 5 ft 9 in (175cm), 150lb (68kg), 32 inch (82cm) waist wearing Medium
  • These boxer briefs are our long version, with 7 inch inseam
  • 95% TENCEL® extruded from Austrian Eucalyptus, 5% Elastane
  • 190 gsm compact spun fabric for an incredibly smooth handfeel
  • 1.33 million nanofibrils in each fiber for unmatched moisture wicking
  • Ultra stretchy lightweight weave for the perfect fit on all body types
  • Super fine single jersey knit for maximum softness & air permeability
  • Naturally antibacterial odor-proof fabric
  • Machine wash in warm water with like colors
  • Line dry or machine dry on low setting
  • Do not bleach
  • Imported


Additional Information
Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.5 × 2 in

S, M, L, XL, XXL


Pure Black, Pure White, Cobalt Blue, Graphite Grey

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Mens Ultrafine TENCEL® Boxer Briefs

  1. Jesus Rodriguez (verified owner)

    One way to describe this product is that it just feels natural. Zero discomfort, it feels like it is designed to feel “invisible”, everything just falls into place. You will notice the difference when you go back to other boxers though, as it will probably ruin them for you in ways you cannot imagine as you become instantly aware of how uncomfortable other boxers are.
    Think of it as going your whole life eating a certain canned pasta and then having an Italian grandma cook for you a perfect pasta meal. You will never consider canned pasta as desirable as before.
    So fair warning, you will regret not buying more than one.
    Excellent product, I will most likely buy more in the future.

    • Element Pure Admin

      Thanks for the review Jesus, really appreciate this!

  2. Joe Burns (verified owner)

    I knocked a star off because I like the previous version without the black inset material on the inside front. I am not sure what purpose that serves because it was not on the previous pairs I have. Still the best underwear I have ever worn!!

    • Element Pure Admin

      Hi Joe, thanks for the review! We actually updated the boxer brief to include functionality that’ll better “hold your package” in place during sport activities. We might have updated the description a bit late so you were not aware of that, sorry about this! The previous version you are describing has now been moved to the clearance section, and it’s labelled as the 2018 version.

  3. joseph burns (verified owner)

    These are my absolute favorite piece of clothing I wear. You will never know they are there. I agree with the previous review, I like the version without the black insert material and the scoop. I hope you will consider bringing back that version sometime in the future. Still the current version is awesome.

    • Element Pure Admin

      Thanks for the review! We have definitely gotten alot of feedback about bringing back the old version so it shall be done! When we restock it next time it’ll be under the flyless version 🙂

  4. Sean (verified owner)

    These things are very nearly perfect.

    I agree with others that the black insert material doesn’t work well. However, I’ve tried other boxer briefs that do have similar inserts and I’ve absolutely loved it on those boxers.

    I think the difference is that the edge of the insert appears to be a straight line on the Element Pure boxers, whereas on others it’s curved. You really notice the difference when pulling them on. The other brand kind of just ‘slots in’ as you pull them up, whereas the Element Pure ones really don’t at all.

    I really like having that separation when it works, and if you could make it work rather then remove the insert completely, I think that would be the better outcome for me, personally.

    That being said, I like literally everything else about these boxer briefs better then others I’ve tried. It’s silky smooth, there’s no elastic band that rolls over, and it’s nice and cool.

    Very nearly my perfect boxer briefs.

    • Element Pure

      Thanks for the comments Sean, we will definitely look into improving the insert!

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Our Nanotech Eucalpytus Fabric


Our fabric is extremely fine, made of incredibly smooth nanofibrils that are 375x finer than silk, 500x finer than cotton and 1200x finer than merino wool.

It’ll feel almost invisible, like a second skin.


Never feel sweaty again. Tencel transports moisture away from your skin and encourages ultra quick evaporation through millions of nano capillaries contained within each fiber. It’ll keep your skin and the underwear dry from sweat and moisture over 20x better than cotton or polyester.


Element Pure has minimally low ecological footprint, using 20x less water to produce than cotton, and generating 5x less carbon emissions than polyester. Tencel is biodegradable under compost conditions, and unlike cotton, it requires no bleaching or any other chemical processing during production. While other natural fibers are often manufactured with a concoction of harmful chemicals, Tencel uses only a single organic and biodegradable solvent during its 100% non-toxic “closed-loop” manufacturing process.


Bacteria thrives on body moisture and sweat. Element Pure’s nanotech fabric absorbs and locks all the moisture away inside nano capillaries, so germs can’t access the water, preventing bacterial growth. Our eucalyptus fabric resists bacteria 132x better than polyester and 2000x better than nylon, keeping you feeling fresh day and night.