Mens Ultrafine TENCEL® Long Sleeve Crew Neck

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Silky smooth TENCEL® eucalyptus nanofiber weaved into a high performance baselayer. This incredibly odor resistant & Earth friendly shirt will fit your body like a second skin. Experience pure comfort. FINAL SALE, No Returns/Exchanges.



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Size & Details

Our clothes are meant to be snug and worn close to the skin, as a baselayer or on its own. Choose a size up for a looser fit.




  • 95% TENCEL® extruded from Austrian Eucalyptus, 5% Elastane
  • 190 gsm ultra soft lightweight fabric in single jersey
  • Machine wash in warm water with like colors
  • Line dry or machine dry on low setting
  • Do not bleach
  • Imported
Additional Information
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Pure Black, Pure White, Cobalt Blue, Graphite Grey, Carmine Red

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Mens Ultrafine TENCEL® Long Sleeve Crew Neck

  1. Timothy Leung

    I’ve had the full base layer for a week now. I only have good words to say about it!
    There might be comparison between this base layer to leggings. That’s reasonable as it looks like one, especially the bottom. But if you feel the texture, you’ll immediately go silent! It’s smooth, it’s snuggly. The inseam and the sleeves are designed to be longer for the size, and, under a circumstance without a taylor, I find that considerate for all physiques.
    I have yet to sweat like crazy in it. I like them too much, I don’t want to risk wracking it. Maybe I’ll wait till next winter to take it to the gym.
    Of course my girlfriend teased me that her leggings are just 15 bucks, but I think for the quality, the whole base layer for the money is more than reasonable.

  2. Element Pure Admin

    I’ve been using my crew new long sleeve for cool morning bicycle rides and am very happy with the wicking properties and the comfort.

    Some base layers feel cool and some feel warm. For me, the Element Pure feels cool. This is great for my summer use with minimal extra layers. In cool outside conditions, another layer makes the Element Pure layer feel warm.

  3. Mike C

    I backed your campaign on Kickstarter and ordered both a short as well as a long sleeve shirt. Long Story short, I am completely satisfied with your product (tested it during intense workout sessions) and would like to order a couple more white V-neck Tshirts to wear as an undershirt in the office.

    Kind regards from Germany,


  4. aw9192

    I backed Element Pure on Kickstarter and they did not disappoint. When I first opened the shirt, I noticed it was the softest material I’ve ever felt. The shirt also wicks sweat extremely well. Unfortunately, I sweat a lot, but this shirt has been the best cure. Definitely will be purchasing more. The only downside is that the shirt seemed to shrink a little after being washed.

  5. johnny92

    Bought both the long=sleeve crew and V neck for use in the office under my sweaters and they work wonders.

    I have some rather snug sweaters that I really like, and found it uncomfortable to wear dress shirts underneath as it would get too warm, but wearing short sleeves would make the itch from the sweater sleeves annoying, while wearing a thin long sleeve shirts would still be too warm for my office.

    Tried these and they work wonders, as stated in a review above, these base layers do err on the cooler side, which is perfect for me, fit snug, and is comfortable for use of an entire work day.

  6. cteaton

    These things are the softest base layer I have felt. I put them on one day and didn’t take them off for 48 hours. I’ve worn them out on cool nights with just a light shirt and pants on over them, and they keep me warm when out side, but don’t overheat when dancing indoors.

  7. werkro01

    Amazingly soft. Amazingly comfortable.

    This base layer is soft to the touch and as comfortable inside as it is outside. It seems to help insulate your body better than similar base layers. So when you come in from a cold day and take off your coat you aren’t still sweating like a demon in church as you would in other base layers. It keeps you comfortable all day.

  8. alexander.adermalm

    The texture and quality speaks for itself…
    I love my base layer.
    I use it when im hiking, skiing or just outside.
    Comfortable as no other, keeps you warm but not so hot that you sweat.


  9. peter (verified owner)

    I got a set from the Kickstarter, and I’ve never been happier with a set of clothes. They are “make-my-wife-jealous” soft! I wear them when kayaking, and they dry in minutes, whether from splashes or sweat. I’m constantly hot and sweating in any kind of exercise, but these keep me cool and dry no matter what. Getting myself another pair for Christmas!

  10. nicomorg

    I love this shirt. I often pick it over my marino wool as a base layer. I wear it for just about anything, as an extra layer in winter, as my shirt when I’m hiking or backpacking. I have occasionally worn it climbing but I don’t like to unless I have to because I don’t want it to get caught on the rock and rip. It is also great for backpacking, traveling or road trips as well because after days of sweating in it it smells better than anything else.

  11. Luke (verified owner)

    Very comfy and durable.

  12. kinpix

    I wear this shirt casually and even with a blazer as a presenter for a panel. Its a very good look and fits well. I sized up (M>L) so that i have a looser fit. I reviewed the short sleeve and this has a great feel and look for fall. I highly recommend it and wished I could afford more!

  13. kinpix

    Most people seem to workout with these shirts. I wear this shirt casually and even with a blazer as a presenter for a panel. Its a very good look and fits well. I sized up (M>L) so that i have a looser fit. I reviewed the short sleeve and this has a great feel and look for fall. I highly recommend it and wished I could afford more! I just hang it to air out and can rewear it. I would say dry flat because the fabric does feel a little heavy and can stretch.

    • Jennifer

      thanks for the review and so glad you are liking your shirts 🙂

  14. Jesus Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This shirt right here was a life changing purchase for me. Let me explain. I live in the tropics, which means it is quite hot all of the time. I used to avoid wearing nice shirts due to two reasons, one being that I sweat a lot (not born for this climate, lol) and the other one being the dreaded yellow stains caused by the aluminum in antiperspirants, which have ruined several good shirts. In addition to this, wearing a T-shirt underneath in this climate usually meant overheating and smelling like aglio e olio with onions (yes, horrific. Who puts onions in aglio e olio?) by the end of the day. However, after wearing these shirts for a few days I discovered I can completely forgo antiperspirants since it keeps me dry all of the time, and just when I feel like I will overheat, some sorcery kicks in and cools me down. Thus I now dare to wear nicer shirts I had laying around without fear, and since I switched to an aluminum free deodorant, I don’t have to worry about the stains. Also air conditioners don’t make me feel like I wish I had brought a jacket now. They are also incredibly soft and now I have a problem because I don’t think I can go back to cotton… or polyester… or any other type of fabric.

  15. Luke (verified owner)

    Feels better than silk!

    Works well in both warmer and colder climate.

    Highly recommended!

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